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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 7, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> that is the question everyone is asking. mechanics and investigators. as chp continues it's investigation trying to find why the limousine caught on fire, the owner of royal auto service believes he knows what happened. we introduced you to him yesterday. he worked on limos almost three decades and saw the news reports studied images. the fire started in the fear. two witnesses said the back of the lincoln kaz low as the vehicle was moving before the fire. the limo heavy with passengers. there are fine aboard. one more than the limo allowed to have. he's more convinced than ever that the air spring that's support the rear blew up
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first. >> one caused a car to drop because of the weight of the limo. >> since the bridge was built in sections, cars tend to bounce as they drive on the roadway. >> so that car bounced too hard and it's creating a gouge in the gas tank. >> chp is investigating this horrific accident, the public utilities commission is the actual state agency that regulates limousines. critics say they're too la.. limos with fewer than 10 people do not have to go through regular safety inspections. those with fewer than eight passengers are not required to have fire extinguishers. state senator hill is planning to change that. >> that we're going to introduce a bill in the next week requiring fire extinguishers at least to
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start out to require in the compartment of every limb scene in this state. >> senator hill tells us this is just the beginning that he's looking at the lack of safety inspections for limos. the state p.u.c. declined our request for an interview. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> the coroner has finished autopsy on some victims but will not release findings for several week asks identified the fifth whom died in this fire. the nib nine women got into that limousine to celebrate a friend's recent wedding. this afternoon, her husband says he was heart broken and their kids, of course, devastated. >> this is going to be mother's day. i don't have a mother. that is -- .
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>> this is a picture she took on her husband's phone saturday evening as he drove her to meet her friends at the limb crow. abner recalled the moment he heard about the fire. >> i drove right away to the scene. i got there, all of the bodies, gone he was planning to buy her a diamond ring for their 15th anniversary. now, he and their two kids will spend mother's day at a memorial service for his wife. she will be buried on monday. >> the parents of the bride learned about their daughter's death by watching the news in the philippines. her mother told the tv 5 network her death is very hard to accept. her father spoke to his daughter on friday. she was due to return to the
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philippine frz a large church wedding june 19th. her husband will carry her cash ashes to the philippines. conditions for two of the women that survived were group graded today. they were taken in critical condition and now listed in fair condition. >> an off duty patrol officer is one of three who stopped to help while their limo was on fire. he was identified as sargeant shawn morris. the cmp saying he was not prepared to be interviewed about what he did ask says focus should remain on the investigation. >> we still dmot know the full story behind this tragedy but with details that happened, comes out every day, every witness, we're getting a better handle on it. more new elements and wayne
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freed marn spent time trying to fit them together into the puz yechl he's in the newsroom to explain what he has pieced together. >> this is saturday night it had been a typical evening listening to calls by the california patrol golden gate division we heard traffic stops and reports oferant driving and then, those first calls came in from the bridge. a vehicle fire limo with possible entrapment. >> the kind of call focuses everyone from a buzz yes fridge. >> on the wefts side of the high rise insolved. we've got report of people trapped. >> that has more firefighters headed east from pastor city but traffic backing up, limiting access. they'd have to back track. >> 11 minute autos when the first california officer
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arrived he made an instant assessment. >> we're going to need to close the bridge down. >> we still don't know who made the first call. but cars passed some people did stop to help. victor was among them, told abc 7 he wanted to jump from the eastbound lanes but couldn't. >> i have two hernias and considering that i am a disabled person i was willing to open the door. can i not understand where was this limousine driver? >> yesterday, the driver told reporters once he learned the car was on fire, he helped pull them through. >> when opening the door, that let the fire get oxygen. >> at least one surviving passenger says he could have done more. >> just when he stopped the
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car, he get out from the car. he just get out from the car. >> the car was engulfed. you know? completely engulfed and i felt that nobody could have survived that. >> so there is still so much we don't know now three days later. abc 7 news did leave a message with the driver, again, today, we did not hear back. >> stay with us for developing news on the fire investigation that is just finning to evolve. you'll get breaking news on twitter on abc 7 news bay area. >> a sad day for a community. young laila fowl yefr was laid to rest today. is been a week and a half now since the 8-year-old was stabbed to death in her home. sheriff deputies have yet to make an arrest the investigation still in full swing.
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we're live tonight. qlaur? >> well, private services held for fowler today at the same time a sheriff team was going through the water here at this pond which is just about a quarter mile down hill from the home up there. another team seemed to be removing almost everything from that house. services were underway for the 8-year-old, investigators remained busy near where she was killed 10 days ago. divers spent the day searching a pod just down the hill from the home. presumably for evidence. at different interl values a boat would go to waiting trailers in support of the efforts in the meantime, up the hill at the house where she was killed with a dozen
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agents continued to process the scene. they can be seen carrying bags in and out of the home so-to-a waiting movering van. and those who live in the town are growing rest legs. the murder shocked everyone here. >> we don't lock our doors here, now i've got a bat and a taser. >> tony glenn minced no wrdz when asked what he thought should be done to the peern i don't know, people here are easy going you know? friendly people. >> we're told the special dogs flown in from washington, d.c. supposed to arrive today but we did not see them. the sheriff cancelled their
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briefing today perhaps out of respect for the family. the funeral service we're hoping to learn more here tomorrow. >> thank you. >> still ahead tonight our nick smith goes on a ride along with the chief of police. why he has chosen not to live there. >> also, why a plan to rename sfo has been withdrawn now, what it's backers have in mind instead. >> a bill prompted by a investigation is moving through the state legislature. i'm michael finny. ahead developing news in
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>> tonight we want to take tout streets of the bay area city with the worst crime problem. it's among the worst when it comes to murders and robberies. you're going to ride along with oakland's police chief. the story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> i had an incident i don't want to put myself into again. >> oakland police chief is the city's top law enforcement officer but you may be surprised to learn he didn't live here. >> i felt it's better to live somewhere else so when i'm off duty i don't have to deal with the stuff. >> he made the decision after being accosted on the streets by a man he arrested who had
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vengeance on his mind. >> i've got to be blunt there are too many people running around with guns that won't hes state to shoot you. >> there are people given the opportunity will hurt you. it's not easy. our yfsers do their job. >> part of the job is returning to the same places where he started his career. >> this is og. >> jordan says many don't get a second chance. this history plans decades. he's still here. >> i have known him a long time. >> wasn't always like that though. i've arrested him a few times. yes. >> the chief says interactions
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are crucial because there are 641 sworn officers. the chief says there has been successes. a 21% drop in murders and 17% in shootings but the chief believes he, and his department, can do more. a taxi driver snpt hospital after driving his vehicle into a house that sustained major damage raising concern about the stability of the structure. no one was home at the time. officials say the driver will undergo standard testing. sky 7 was overhead. a chase ended in san pablo today. a police dog found one of the three hiding in a backyard shed. officers followed that vehicle across the bridge and into
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contra costa county arresting three people. >> anyone heading across the golden gate bridge should expect slow traffic. officials say asphalt came loose this morning apparently drivers coming into the city were not paying attention to road signs telling them to stay nir lane autos cars coming across this morning. they're doing what they weren't supposed to do. changing lanes tlchl is a sign posted. they were changing lanes and coming across that paper and that paper started to get wet. >> it caused chunks of asphalt to spread across the road. traffic has been close owed to allow more repair work. >> governor brown says are most people still have confidence in the safety of
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the new bay brichblgt 30 bolts snapped since being installed this year and the couldn'ta costa times reports caltrans is now using sensors to listen for more defects. the governor refused to call it a set back. he didn't use the word stuff saying it's too soon to know if the bridge will open on time. a plan for fixing the bolts should be released tomorrow. >> supporters have now abandoned a plan to rename san francisco international airport after harvey milk. david comp campos says he's given up on the idea but instead of renaming the airport campos says he hopes to form a committee to look into the possibility of naming one of the terminals after milk. the city's first openly gay superviseor assassinated in
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1978. >> sounds like a good idea. >> yes. >> better way to do it. nice outside. >> yes. clouds today by afternoon, sunny skies. so clouds are returning. here is a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies aconsiders the bay area. there were some sprinkles up north that fizzelled out for now. not a lot of snowfall but there is light snow above 8 thu feet and around lake level. snowflakes here this camera at 8300 feet so that is where snow is falling. temperatures back here in the bay area, 59 degrees in san francisco. 67 in oakland and san jose, 70. now a live view, you can see a finger of fog moving through golden gate tr. 71 napa.
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67 at los gatos, flying down to our graphic rendering. low pressure system brought us unstable weather pushed inland but counterclockwise circulation bringing us wrap around moisture and we may see more, we'll start at 7:00 this evening. overnight hours, clouds thicken and mr. tl may be a sprinkle or two tomorrow and into mid day hours. we'll see more sunshine
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perhaps thursday, overnight low temperatures mainly into low to mid-50s. it had been the last few overnights then, highs in the south bay into upper 60s to low 70s up to 71 in san jose. on the coast mild, 60 in pacifica. 62 half moon bay. 64 tomorrow, upper 60s in the north bay at santa rosa. near east bay highs upper 60s as well. 67 oakland and inland east bay will be milder with highs just above 70s in antioch and fairfield and here is the accu-weather forecast. milder weather friday. high temperatures mid-80s.
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and looks like mild to warm weather as well. >> thank you. >> just ahead here tonight a big new milestone on wall stret. >> what drove dow into record territory.
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a milestone on wall street. dow jones gained 87 points today to close above 15,000 for the first time. one of the important indicators the price of housing looking g awe service reports tonight home prices rose 10.5%, the biggest gain in seven years. bay area prices rose 17%. and walt disney reports good earnings tonight reporting 13% to 14% more revenue than last quarter.
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>> forbes ranked san francisco as number one place in the country for finding a job. silicon valley ranking 7th. 100 positions were being offered. job seekers say it's still hard to get their foot in the door. >> i've gotten a lot of great interviews. i feel confident and have done a lot of testing. but there is competition out there. >> there is next event tuesday, june 4th. >> an outpouring in cleveland. coming up reunion of three kidnapped women and their families. a local man knows how rare this kind of thing is. >> and some of the restaurants that are serving an illegal
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delicacy. stay with us.
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we're learning more about that incredible story out of cleveland. three women found alive after being kidnapped and held for a decade. they all held in a baseball done jen, apparently by three brothers. this grabbed the nation's attention it has. michelle knight disappeared when she was 20 years old. amanda berry in 2003. the day before her 17th birthday. gina dejesus was 14 when she disappeared. yesterday, all three found alive in the home of a cleveland bus driver. outside of amanda berry's home, balloons and yellow ribbons this picture of a beaming amanda berry and her sister, and berry's 6-year-old daughter, agents say they're now out of the hospital and
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with their families in an undisclosed location. michelle knight still in the hospital, is expectsed to be released tomorrow. amanda berry's call brought police to the res ku.. >> help me, i'm amanda berry. i've been kidnapped and missing 10 years, i'm here, i'm free now. >> the hero is a neighbor, charles ramsey. who helped amanda escape from the house. >> the girl told the police i ain't just the only one. it's more girls up in that house. so they going up there and 30, 40 deep. when they came out it was astonishing. >> the suspect, aerial castro, the owner of the house, his two brothers. all in their 50s. a television station is reporting that the men raped the women and that one man is the father of amanda berry's 6-year-old. >> if either any of these
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individuals ever see the light of day again, then justice has been not been served. >> mark klaus's daughter, polly was kidnapped and murdered. he says what happened in cleveland is a miracle. >> i believe the families of every missing person in america woke up this morning with more hope today than they had yesterday. because of the extraordinary circumstances. in this case. >> mark klaus heads the klaus kids foundation and says this demonstrates kidnap sag local crime. each girls grabbed in close proximity to each other, all held in a location very close to where they were taken. >> the cleveland situation is similar to the bay area's own kidnapping of jaycee dugard. she was just honored in washington, d.c.. these awards sponsored by
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national center for missing and exploited children. she received a warm welcome. she took the stage with her mother. today, jaycee dugard released a statement about the rescue and said these individuals need to heal z connect back into the world. this isn't who they are. it's only what happened to them. the human spirit is incredibly resilient. more than ever, this reaffirms we should never give up hope. >> what an eloquent statement, oh, my. bay area restaurants have been serving a delicacy that is banned in california, foie gras, fatty liver of duck that has been force fed. >> it's their way of protesting a law that went into affect last year. >> tonight dan noyes is back with an under cover investigation. a new wun that is right. the state only foie gras farm is closed because california law makes it illegal to force
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feed ducks for foie gras so when we learned restaurants are still selling it we went under cover and our story does include pictures of ducks. the tip said order the porched pear you'll get foie gras at la folie. we sent in two producers. >> she said oufr last special is a secret. it's a traditional french dish. a signature dish. >> the secret chef special. we won't tell us. we placed an order she slipped. >> she goes three courses with special foi skpe. laughs and says huckel berry. >> the chef special arrived. there it was. foie gras. fatty liver of a duck force fed. banned since july 1 lastor. >> i asked why is it secret. she says because of california law. >> a series of reports led to
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california's ban on foie gras. we showed video of the pro se.s an air pump shot up to a pound of corn into the duck. process continued until the liver expanded more than 10 times. >> we didn't know we were going to encounter sick birds. dead birds. with open, festering wounds. >> activists found others whose livers were so large, they couldn't move or defend sthechls against rats eating them alive. now saying a person may not force feed a bird for the purpose of enlarging the bird's liver beyond the normal
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size. and it is set to fine up to $1,000 per violation. the owner told our producers he and a group of chefs are working to overturn the ban. >> chef told me i'm on board with night fighting it but it's going to take a while. >> i contacted the chef and told him what we found he agreed to an interview but backed out citing a scheduling conflict. by phone he told me he knows he's breaking the law but it can be produced humanely. la folie now gets duck liver from new york through a distributor in nevada. we showed how hudson valley used cages. the ducks couldn't move during the weeks of of force feeding. those cages are gone, and workers there use a gentler process with a gravity device instead of california farms old pump.
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the chef told our producers he sells by using code words. >> chef says we call it something different. golden apple now, it's am brosha. soon, it will be cherry jubilee. >> god for bid i want cherry jubilee. >> john is a lawyer for animal legal defense fend fund suing a chef forgiving it away. the lawsuit says the activists sent in an investigator receiving it on three different oceans. >> the way it worked is that he would not have received it had he owed knot paid for the expensive meal. it was framed as a gift. from the chef. >> chef frank says this his personal boston tea party. that he is working a loophole in the law. >> we service a customer that purchased our most expensive menu. we serve it to customers purchasing nothing.
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that just stop by the to say hi. and encourage my efforts. >> in fact, we could not find a single instance of law enforcement coming down on a restaurant throughout the state. >> how many tickets have you written for foie gras? >> zero. >> in san francisco, enforcement falls to animal care and control. they say it's costing too much to send investigators into high-priced restaurants. by showed them what we found. >> we'll send an officer out there and decide it. if it was served they paid for it. a direct violation of the law as written. >> hundreds stopped selling foie gras but authorities aren't doing much to enforce it so lawsuits are the only real threat. by the way one activist who shot video inside of the
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hudson valley foie gras faces felony burglary charges for rescuing two duck autos really sf. >> that is right. >> okay. >> thank you. >> we're following breaking news in the east bay right now
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breaking news, right now sky 7 over the scene of an accident west of interstate 6806789 you can see a big rig run off the road. >> chp says one person was taken to the hospital. eastbound lanes closed for a bit. you can see from sky 7 the roadway is open now. traffic moving again. >> looks like voters in south carolina are in aing forriving food. mark sanford has apparently won the seat he once held in congress. defeating elizabeth colbert bush. >> bay area super bowl backers submit aid bid to host super bowl 60 in 2013 that stadium
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opens in time for the 2013 season. the local super bowl supporters are keeping mum about details of the bid but will reveal them when they make their pitch later this month, so we'll know more then. so that is a big development in favor of the bay area. >> coming up, exposing a dirty legal secret in the assisted living industry. >> that is right. the high cost
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a report last fall into residential facilities is now getting action in sacramento. >> now the latest developments on capitol hill. >> yes. our report back in november caused a stir we reported some centers were charging as much
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as 60 days rent after loved ones passed away. that practice of requiring families to give notice before death is about to end soon. this is one of good memories. >> this is the large doll house my mom actually built. >> what happened is something her daughter would prefer to forget. >> i felt foolish. i felt dumb. >> the south san francisco resident learned of abuse at her mother's previous care home and quickly transferred her into an assisted living center like this one. remembering reading a contract and showing it to her lawyer before signing the agreement. nothing struck her as unusual. >> my main focus was get my mom to a safe place. >> marty died 12 days after moving out. she did not want to tell us the name of the facility.
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it refused to refund any of the $5500 monthly rent she prepaid. she was stunned when she read again. >> so if you die, in their facility, there is no refund. >> statemented termination due to voluntary or involuntary reasons such as, but not limited to death. the same thing happened to this family. she ended up paying additional $1500 in rent after her cousin died. >> it's unreasonable. you know? a person passed away. there is no reason to charge anyone. >> pat mcguiness for nursing home reform. >> say your relative dies within the second day. you can still be responsible for paying for for the full month, or another month of mo
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because you didn't give notice that your relative died. that was ludicrous. >> the organization is calling this one of the biggest biggest issues. after expose this, pat jumped into action, sharing our story. >> we sent it to everybody. to the assembly members and the asivetive living organization. >> she said it ahad such a great impact there is a bill sponsored banning advance notice for terminating due to death providing for refunds of fees paid in advance within 15 days of belongings being removed. the bill has no opposition and passed in the assembly. it's now in the senate. >> you can do more with one story than we can do in two years worth of work.
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>> 7 on our side did it again. >> the bill is now? n.the state senate. >> this will save people money. >> yes. >> thank you. >> spence jer back now. >> with a moderate looking forecast. >> here is a time lapse view looking towards golden gate. clouds moving through today, things career cleared out a lot with clouds will return. right now, clear picture and tomorrow, thickening clouds. there could be areas of light sprinkles tomorrow, high temperatures upper 60s around the bay to low 70s inland and baseball game time 12:45.
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partly sunny skies. the accu-weather forecast calls for continued cloudy skies but sunnying up, warming up over the weekend. mid-80s inland over the weekend. >> thank you. >> all right of let's talk about playoff action. >> yes. do we have them? >> yes. we do. >> there is disappointed fans thinking they're done after the loss. and wha
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good evening, last time only two years ago against detroit, sharks ended up winning in seven. they to not want to go seven with van yufr in -- vancouver in round one. >> there is no yes. they have never had a playoff series sweep. let's go back to game three.
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that is for vancouver. and from logan coture. snyder starting again tonight. and logan told me they do not want to go back to vancouver. >> we want to play this way this year. continue like we did in game three. >> the saying goes fourth one is the toughest one to win. i think the one you're playing is the toughest. i'd like to think if it's our group we'd come out with a best effort. that is what we plan on expecting. >> it's the toughest thing too do in sports close out a series. we'll have reaction tonight at 9:00 and 11:00.
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>> we'll see you then. how did warriors rebound after the most heart breaking of losses after blowing a lead and then, losing in double overtime. we're going to find out. warriors practiced today prepping for game two of the playoff series tomorrow night. so much went wrong down the stretch. he's got to be underneath the basket. the game winner with 1.2 seconds left. >> you can lock back at last four minutes we still have an taunt to close the game. just having a rough shooting night up until that last shot. that is stepping up to the moment. >> they're a tight game.
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fancy pass from ken onpartin. tommy malone, cleveland gets one straight slow. carlos santana seven plus innings. very quiet tonight. mcalistler gets the win. the giants play the phillies tonight at at and t park this, sports report brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. >> talk about the challenge for the warriors. >> this, what did they do? remember, andre miller? they win game two in denver.
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players under their 20s. >> thank you. >> join me tonight on 13, tears of joy after three california hikers are found alive. >> and communities left at risk. why police officers are leaving their posts. abc 7 news explains where they're going. >> beginning at 8:00 with splash followed by "dancing with the stars" and "body of proof". >> that did it nor edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time.
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